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Taken from Squirt 17/3/08 : -
Fanclub member 
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3/16/2008 3:07:48 PM
James is quite right, had a great time. The large comfy video lounge is great place to spot a willing cock, for fun privately, as well as great for sucking a mate on the comfy cushions. The private room we used for fucking was comfortable, there are some glory holes too, and the dark room is not too dark for the optically challenged!

The large sauna is not too hot, so you can stay a while and have fun sucking a willing cock, and the pool is where I met the guy in the first place.

Overall : the best suana visit I have had yet!
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3/16/2008 8:22:23 AM
Had a great time Saturday

Some very nice guys

Well worth a visit
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3/16/2008 4:07:28 AM
Visited Wed 12 March. It was OK, fairly clean, not mainy there though. But fucked a guy in the video lounge with 4 others watching & sucking. So it was worth visiting. Pity I cud only stay an hour - wud have liked the guy to fuck me in return.
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3/14/2008 8:51:19 PM
Was here last weekend. I had a great time. I especially enjoyed the 1 hour full body massage for 20. Wonderful place, very friendly staff I would recommend you give it a go.


Thanks Graham really pleased you enjoyed your visit.

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From: GRAHAM B******Y <grahamb*****>
Sent: Tuesday, 11 March, 2008 7:34:13 PM
Subject: first time

hi i just would like to say what a great time i had at the suite the pics on the web dont do the place justice it is much bigger, the place is very clean in all areas the staff are very friendly indeed. well worth a vist, will be going again soon.
                                                all the best graham

name: ockie du plessis

email: ockiechef@*******.com

comment: many thanks
just a note to say staff is great place clean friendly will be back soon  had a wonderfull time there were a constant flow of guys ranging from young to old all shape and size yum!!

oh i am the large guy that wanted everything dvd's , still water and the young guys when the reply was you going to do student night yes yes yes let me kow when
again many thanks loads of luv ockie


(taken friom squirt 18/02/08)
The suite , must be one of the freindliest places i have been to in recent times, after my visit on Saturday evening, not only did i leave clean and refreshed after using the extensive facilities, but in a way i felt valued as a customer. The charming young lad on Reception was happy to chat and made the stay enjoyable (as well as the vast araay of other guests).
In this day and age its nice to visit a Sauna where the atmosphere matches the amenities, everything was clean and tidy, the towels were freshly laundered when i arrived (still warm, nice on a cold night!).
What else can i say, well worth the 13, for the Sauna,steam, Pool and the "Cruisy Zone", which was dark but clean.

Keep up the Good work "The Suite", ill be back soon!


comments from  (SQUIRT)

peaseads  view photo  send e-mail  Fanclub member 

9/11/2007 6:21:29 PM   Report to a moderator
Yes, James and I had a very nice time in this pleasant, well-run sauna. To my suprise everyone was friendly, and we enjoyed the fun by the small swimming pool ;~)
The place is under refurbishment and upgrading but its well worth the slight disruption. Enjoyed the free internet updstairs with new friend J/G and hope he gets in touch with us

From: Andy <freddybristol@********.com>
Sent: Monday, 3 September, 2007 1:11:11 PM
Subject: Thanks

I paid my first visit to "The Suite" on Sunday and was very pleasantly surprised - the photos on the web site do not do the place justice - it is much more spacious and smarter than I expected - A world away from the nearest alternative in the next city to the north west.

All the facilities are great (or will be when you finish refurbishment) and very clean. I love the private rooms, with a choice of how dark or light you want it. The video "room" is a bit mean with a tiny screen, but I understand that is a temporary arrangment.

All in all, well done for a great facility.



Here is what our customers are saying...
Sent: Sunday, 15 July, 2007 11:58:45 PM
Subject: First Visit

I would like to say a big thankyou to the memeber of staff who was working on Saturday night. This was my first visit to the Suite (infact to any sauna) and he made me feel welcome and at ease. I must say I really enjoyed myself and I dont know why I havent had to courage to do this earlier. Im will definately return next time im in Bath (I live in Birmingham but drive through the area every other week).

name: Ben The Bear
Tripod Mail: 22/01/07

comment: Wow! What a great place. I visited last Saturday afternoon. found the kind of cute, dark haired guy I always dream about. He provided the perfect buffet for me to feast on! I'll certainly return for more as soon as I can! Ben the Bear.

From: Tripod Mailer <>
Sent: Monday, 2 October, 2006 5:32:58 PM
Subject: visitor's comment

name: Jamie

comment: Hi guys,...
I just wanted to tell you that I was impresed by the club when I visited on saturday (last)

As many have already commented, it has a friendly atmosphore which makes a person feel welcome. Its very clean and the bar area as well as certain, shall we say "other areas", were most comfortable and designed with taste.
Certainly a better establishment than some I have visited in the past. Absolutely NOT seedy.

I for one will be recommending The Suite to others as I feel sure they would enjoy the club as much as I do.


Did you say tranny night was wednesday this week ?  If so I'll bring my best frilly knickers "he he"

What is being said about us!
(taken from 'Squirt' 29/03/06)
thewatfordtwo    3/29/2006 1:08:00 AM     
Well have to say, we found the place to be quite okay. Clean, very friendly and I am sure that once the refurbishment has taken place it will attract many more visitors.

We arrive a little before 12.30 which is incidently was ideal as they provide toast and refreshments for those there before 12.30 and you can have free refils throughout your visit.
Well have to say, we found the place to be quite okay. Clean, very friendly and I am sure that once the refurbishment has taken place it will attract many more visitors.

Have to admit it was not heaving that afternoon, during our visit (5 hours or so) about 20-25 had come through the doors.

If we are back in the area later this summer we will give it another go, especially if the refurbishment is finished
(taken from the 4/1/06)
I paid my first visit to The Suite on Monday - OK, a Bank Holiday so not a "normal" Monday! The main thing that struck me was just how friendly the place is. I was made to feel welcome on arrival by the staff. And the other customers were also friendly. A good time was had by all - including me!

What struck me about the place was how clean and well kept it was. I would even go as far as saying that the Suite is now among my five favourite saunas in the UK - and I have been to most! The only thing missing is a jacuzzi - but there are plans, I was told. But who cares about that when the "natives are friendly" and the sauna cabin is not the only hot thing there!

Good mix of ages were there and no sign of any "ageism" during my visit.

I will certainly be returning, though Bath is a little further from my usual "locals" in the Midlands!

And the place has a licenced bar, which is quite unusual!
'Great place to visit and relax. No hassle. Visit all the facilities completely naked and don't feel out of place.'  AJ 12/10/05
'Hi Guys. Have visited the Suite a few times now and always enjoyed myself. Met up with two guys last friday and was more than happy to join their unofficial "Friday Club". Visited again Saturday midday, still managed to come away with a smile on my face. Very clean, good facilites and cheerful staff - see you again soon!  Bibath4u  7/11/05


Hi Guys,
Warm, relaxing atmosphere about the whole place.  This is the first and only sauna i've been to and like most all bi/curious guys its all a bit daunting but, rest assured to any new bods out there who are unsure, this really is a nice relaxed place.  YOU'RE NOT OBLIGED to parade, take part or even talk.  Just be yourself.  I've been there twice and and i'm well happy to lie in the sauna, take a shower, watch a video and i've done this naked though towels are provided.  I've been approached twice and said "NO THANKS" twice, no offence s meant or taken.  This place is highly recommended, the staff are nice and II suggest 1st timers give it a go.  Cheers all, See you soon
Hi Guys,
Paid The Suite a visit yesterday (6th Nov) and what a great place it is! Very clean and new. Had a good blowjob in the Video Room. This is a great new place and only 5mins from the station. So guys lets use it or lose it!
We got back to The Suite today and was not dissapointed.  There were several guys (about 25) there all having a good time, or at least it looked like it anyway.  Most of them did, I know i did. A very young cute guy came in and it did'nt take me long to chase him into a cubical where i fed on his delights. Phew and what a delight it was too. Looking forward to bumping into him again very soon if i am lucky.
Went today and heres my verdict:
Very warm welcome from a fit, good looking young guy (sorry; forgot to ask his name). Whole place VERY clean, modern with good facilities, although steam room still not in place yet!! licensed to serve alcohol, and reasonably priced too in a bar area that is close to excellent as saunas go!
8 out of 10 - BIGCOCKGLOS 28/09/04
Went today 22/09/04. Very impressd. clean, friendly no hassles. facillities are excellent. I went at 3pm and there were 5 people there but i'm sure it gets busier in the evening. Highly recommended - ayounghornyman
I visited The Suite the other day and was absolutely thrilled with everything!!
When I arrived i was greeted by a young man called Pete (I think?) who was very cute, just the welcome you want I say. He was very helpful and made me feel at ease as I have never been to a sauna likeit before.  The atmosphere was totally relaxed and I felt very much at home.  The video room was very discreet and I didnt feel in any way that i was on show.  I will most definately be visiting again and I am sure I will get the same treatment as my last visit. Simeon - 15/09/04
Hi, Yes the Sauna in Pierrepont St does exist and is quite the cleanest Sauna I have ever been to! 18 relaxation rooms of various size, a huge sauna, video room & dungeon too (more a dark room) 05/09/04
Hi Guys, I went to the Suite this Sunday afternoon and there was about 20 guys coming and going. I had a great time, it's getting better! - Superbutt 13/09/04
This is a wonderfully appointed Sauna. A great addition to the West Country Scene. Very Spacious and beginning to attract quite a crowd. May it grow & prosper - Oldgoat67 08/08/2004
The Suite in Bath is very very impressive - Big, spacious, very new, modern and clean. It beats most others that I have visited in the past.  I will certainly visit again when I am next in the area.  Cheers Guys - Keep up the good work!
Highly recomended - Classy unlike the sleazy others! Nice mix of clientelle, friendly staff. Will certainly go again, Thanks to all who recomended it!